Hot-rolling steel results in a malleable, easy-to-work-with metal primarily used for structural components.

HR is rolled at temperature over 1700°F, above the recrystallization temperature for most steel. This causes a scaly finish on the steel and some shrinkage after processing. This process does cost less than others and works well for end applications without exact size specifications or surface finish requirements.

As your hot rolled steel suppliers, we meet the specifications for your project and provide next-day delivery to keep your supply chain moving.


  • Less processing means a lower cost
  • Cooled to room temperature, keeping it free from the stress of quenching or hardening processes.
  • Malleable, easy shaping for a variety of structural uses


  • Structural components
  • Pipes
  • Railroad tracks
  • Truck frames
  • Tubing



Steel sheet cut to the length right when you need it


Receive slit coil at your custom width with quick turnaround time


Our high-quality steel, available in the exact dimensions and quantity you need.


Accurate, reliable, and solution-minded steel shearing.

Cold Reduction

Cold reduction mills on the premises


Our Tishken edgers can produce your desired finish edge of either a contoured, round or square edge

PVC Applicator Table

Capable of applying temporary protective film to metal sheet

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