After hot rolled steel cools, the metal is rolled at room temperature to correct the surface imperfections and meet exact specifications or dimensions. Shaping the metal at a lower temperature makes it stronger than just hot rolling and increases the resistance against breaking and deformation.

Before rolling, the steel is coated in oil to move it through the rollers easily. This oil finish typically remains on the metal and can help identify cold rolled steel.

Maas Hansen Steel can provide cold rolled steel as leveled sheet, slit coil, blanks and/or sheared sheets to meet you manufacturing needs.


  • Smooth, clean surface
  • Can be used for painting
  • Stronger than hot rolled
  • Accurate dimensions after processing


  • Furniture
  • Home appliances
  • Lockers
  • Filing cabinets



Steel sheet cut to the length right when you need it


Receive slit coil at your custom width with quick turnaround time


Our high-quality steel, available in the exact dimensions and quantity you need.


Accurate, reliable, and solution-minded steel shearing.

Cold Reduction

Cold reduction mills on the premises


Our Tishken edgers can produce your desired finish edge of either a contoured, round or square edge

PVC Applicator Table

Capable of applying temporary protective film to metal sheet

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