Receive coiled steel at your custom width with the benefit of our next-day shipping to your facility.

The slitting process involves processing the coils to your requested slit width and recoiling to your min/max weight requirement. This process maintains tight tolerances and consistency for your production. Anytime you purchase steel already cut to your specifications, you can reduce scrap and waste within your production facility.

Make the best use of your materials with our expert-cut steel slitting.


Maximum Coil width:


Maximum Coil Weight:
  • Uncoiler: 50,000#
  • Recoiler: 50,000#
Coil Thickness:

30GA to 10GA

Maximum Coil O.D.:
  • Uncoiler: 72”
  • Recoiler: 72”
Minimum Coil I.D. :
  • Uncoiler: 18”
  • Recoiler: 12”
Maximum Coil I.D.:
  • Uncoiler: 24”
  • Recoiler: 20”
Arbor Capacity:


Width Tolerance:


Minimum trim required:
  • 0.012” through 0.059”: 0.375”
  • 0.060” through 0.125”: 0.375”
Minimum Slit width:

1.000” plus Tolerance

Maximum no. of cuts per coil:
  • 30GA through 22GA: 24
  • 20GA: 20
  • 18GA: 18
  • 16GA: 15
  • 14GA: 12
  • 13GA: 8
  • 12GA: 6
  • 10GA: 4

Other Services

Not only does Maas Hansen Steel provide high-quality metals for your manufacturing, we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quick delivery times to bring solutions, not just steel.


Let us handle your inventory management, with “Just in Time” deliveries based on your capacity and previous orders. Keeping too much inventory on site results in wasted space, and high costs at time of purchase. Control your operations more closely with our inventory solutions.


Need a product quickly? We can have it for you tomorrow (sometimes the same day!) with our next-day delivery service. With two locations in California, either facility always has your product in stock and ready to ship.



Steel sheet cut to the length right when you need it


Our high-quality steel, available in the exact dimensions and quantity you need.


Accurate, reliable, and solution-minded steel shearing.

Cold Reduction

Cold reduction mills on the premises


Our Tishken edgers can produce your desired finish edge of either a contoured, round or square edge

PVC Applicator Table

Capable of applying temporary protective film to metal sheet

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