Our high-quality steel, available in the exact dimensions and quantity you need to manage inventory and keep your manufacturing on schedule.

With the Maas Hansen Steel steel blanking process, we’ll meet your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for coils or sheets at a certain dimension, your high-quality steel will reduce scrap during your die or cutting production. We meet close tolerances, so you only get what you need.

We provide supply chain solutions for your business by helping you save money with precision blanking and inventory management. Our quick deliveries bring service beyond the steel materials, so you can cut costs and save space.


Coil width:

18” up to 72” wide

Coil Thickness:

26GA to 12GA

Maximum cut length:

144” (with Stacker)

Min Cut length:


Cut length Tolerance:
  • To 60”: ±0.015”
  • Over 60”: ±0.030”
Slit Width Tolerance (Blanking):


Maximum no. of slit width cuts (Blanking):
  • 0.057” through 0.105”: 2
  • 0.015” through 0.056”: 4
Minimum trim required on each side (Blanking):
  • 0.030” through 0.056”: 0.250”
  • 0.015” through 0.029”: 0.250
PVC Applicator:

Yes- One side

Industries We Serve

Almost every industry has a use for steel products. We’re proud to provide technology, medical, aerospace, and other manufacturers with quality metals for their projects.


Requiring high-quality alloys with rust-resistant finishes, the automotive industry uses sheet metal for everything from engine parts to the external body of the car. Depending on the end use, they may choose a paintable surface like galvannealed or electro galvanized steel. Typically, mufflers use an aluminized steel due to its highly heat- and corrosion-resistant properties.


Commercial and home construction companies utilize pre-painted steel for garage doors and steel roofs, but galvanized steel remains most popular for structural uses.



Steel sheet cut to the length right when you need it


Receive slit coil at your custom width with quick turnaround time


Accurate, reliable, and solution-minded steel shearing.

Cold Reduction

Cold reduction mills on the premises


Our Tishken edgers can produce your desired finish edge of either a contoured, round or square edge

PVC Applicator Table

Capable of applying temporary protective film to metal sheet

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